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Summer is coming, and with it, those hot and humid days, does your domestic air conditioner system have what it takes to handle all this? RS Gregory Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help you prepare your home for those scorching summer heatwaves by offering air conditioning system maintenance and repair services. Ensuring your home is cool and comfortable throughout summer, our team of certified technicians is standing by, ready to help. Across Arlington, Centreville, Reston, Alexandria, and other parts of Virginia, RS Gregory Heating and Air Conditioning offers reliable domestic AC system maintenance services. For all your domestic air conditioning maintenance needs, schedule an appointment via our website or call us directly at (703) 430-4019.  

Working Principle Of An Air Conditioner

Air conditioning repair in sterling VA

Air conditioners use a compressor to remove excess heat and moisture from the outdoor air. A refrigerant circulated through the air conditioning system’s outdoor unit – where it repeatedly alternates between a gaseous and liquid state, is contained in the compressor. Removing excess moisture from the adjacent air, the refrigerant is sent to the indoor evaporator coil, in its liquid form, where it changes into a gas through vaporization. The air is then circulated throughout your home after it has been cooled. Ensuring the desired temperature within your home is achieved, this process repeats over and over again in this closed-loop system. 



If your AC unit starts developing issues, there is no need to worry. To maintain optimum performance levels as the years go by, air conditioners need regular maintenance, ac repair, and cleaning. Read on for a list of some of the common causes of air conditioner malfunctions and their solutions: 


Heat in the circulating air in your home is removed with the refrigerant’s help in your AC unit. The air conditioning refrigerant level may be too low to effectively cool your home if leaks in the coils carry it throughout the air conditioning unit. Across Alexandria, Arlington, and other parts of Virginia, RS Gregory HVAC provides air conditioning repair service. To get your AC back in tip-top shape, our knowledgeable technicians can locate and seal the leaks, in addition to topping up the refrigerant to optimum levels, contact us today for dependable service.     


Your AC’s capacity to draw heat from the air circulating in your home is substantially reduced by the freezing of its evaporator coils. Be sure to call in an AC specialist if you discover that your AC is blowing warm air, as frozen evaporator coils are likely to blame.  


A thick layer of dirt typically forms on the condenser coils of air conditioners as the years go by; This accumulation of dirt can lead to the premature death of your AC by merely making it work harder than necessary. To keep your AC free of any significant dirt or grime build-up, we encourage you to book an annual AC maintenance service.  


To keep cool air circulating within your home, two fans work hand-in-hand. However, the fan’s ability to keep cool air circulating in your home relies on the motors’ condition that power them, the belts that connect the fans and their motors, and the proper lubrication of moving all parts; any issues here can lead to fan problems. If you think that your AC’s fans are not working properly, get a qualified AC technician to have a look.   


There is a disposal system for all the moisture that is removed from the air in your home. A drain line is used to remove this condensed moisture. However, the system might develop issues when moisture ends up backing up into the unit instead of draining away due to a blockage along the drain pipe. Schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians if your air conditioner fails or you discover moisture leaks or pools of moisture around the unit.

Eventually, all AC systems die. Since these systems typically have a 15 to 20-year lifespan on average, it might be wise to consider replacing your AC after it starts developing problems, even if a few ac repairs might get it working again. 


The electrical connections and compressor on your AC might develop issues resulting from heavy usage during the hot summer season. Some of the main components of your home’s heating and cooling system, such as the compressor and blower motor, among others, are powered via electrical connections. The system may therefore fail to start when there are problems with the electrical circuitry. Call (703) 430-4019, and get immediate support with any problem from our team. Across the state of Virginia, including Arlington, Centreville, and Alexandria, our team of qualified and licensed AC technicians offers reliable ac repair services. 


Your unit’s capacitor might be to blame if the indoor unit’s blower fan fails to work even as the outdoor unit’s condenser operates. The capacitor might be broken or leaking if it has visible dark marks on its outer surface. Expert knowledge and specialized tools are needed to repair this problem. To get your AC working again, it is recommended that you call in a licensed local specialist. Another common cause of a malfunctioning indoor fan is a problematic furnace control board. The board may need to be repaired or replaced altogether.     


Your home’s air conditioner may be cooling indoor air to lower temperatures than desired due to several reasons. For starters, the thermostat readings may be incorrect if installed right next to a computer or lamp. A thermostat should be installed away from any heat-producing objects/appliances to ensure the most accurate readings. This way, its readings won’t be exaggerated. If the readings are higher than the case, the AC will be forced to work harder to lower indoor temperatures to the desired level.  

It is also essential that you inspect all air supply vents, checking for any blockages that may be causing your thermostat to make inaccurate readings. To ensure that the area adjacent to the thermostat is not warmer than the rest of the house, all nearby supply vents must remain clear. You might have to replace your thermostat if your home continues to be colder than desired even after making the above changes. Schedule an appointment on our website or call us at (703) 430-4019 to get emergency air conditioning services from our team. Our team of licensed heating and cooling contractors offers timely and reliable AC repair services to all Virginia homeowners.   


 The activation of your home’s air conditioning system should not trip the circuit breaker. If this happens, you have a problem. If the compressor is not grounded correctly, the circuit breaker

may trip when the AC is activated. Alternatively, a damaged capacitor might be to blame. As the years go by, circuit breakers are also known to break down and development issues. Call (703) 430-4019, and have your tripped circuit breaker problem looked at by our technicians. We are a team of qualified AC repair technicians offering local services.     


Reach out to the RS Gregory Heating and Air Conditioning team today if your cooling system is malfunctioning. When it comes to quality air conditioning repairs, you can rely on.

Air Conditioning Repair Sterling VA

Air Conditioning Repair


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